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Manly - 100mg

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20 + 20 Tablet/s  ExtraUS$2.13US$ 42.57Add to cart
30 + 30 Tablet/s  ExtraUS$2.13US$ 63.85Add to cart
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Customer Reviews

Review by Christopher
Thank you Reliable Rx for proving this service! Great product, excellent customer care and easy echeck payment. Easy to order, track and arrived in about 10 days to SE US.
I take 50 mg on an empty stomach with a large glass of water. Feel the "effects" within 45 minutes. Lasts around 4 hours with adequate stimulation....fantastic!
As good as brand V but affordable.
Research health concerns and contraindications before useage. Start with 25mg dose and increase as needed but dont exceed to more than 100mg in a 24hr period. May experience skin flushing,slight headache, blueish vision, erection after ejaculation if continually stimulated and aroused. (And I spent all that time learning to be multiorgasmic in my early 20's LOL!) All side effects are minimized and are dependent on my hydration status. I will be experimenting with othe generics in the future and I'll give my reviews of them aswell although I'm sure it's a very subjective n=1 perspective. Do your research, get informed and take the plunge and buy from RRX! There are many health promoting applications to PDE5Inhibitors aside from erectile health...look them up and take a chance on Sildenafil Citrate the wonder drug.
(Posted on September 27/2017)
Review by Yaseer
Use as needed. Recommended by pharmacist as an option to daily dose sildenafil citrate, which I also used as needed.
(Posted on March 06/2017)
Review by Hector
I have been using this pills for more than a year, It is the only medicine I have taken long time. it has really been a help for me.
(Posted on March 01/2017)
Review by Elvis
It worked very well and I was hard for 3 Hours as I am 45 years old. I was taking my correct doses.
(Posted on February 27/2017)
Review by Abrahem
I just took it last night and i don't counter any side effects so far it was so good.
(Posted on February 13/2017)
Review by LT
These pills really work. Silagra does too. Don't hesitate to buy.
(Posted on January 02/2017)

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