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There are a large number of cosmetics and toiletry products that are formed of the natural medicinal plants. Such herbal costmetics are used all over the world as utility products for maintaining and recuperating appearance of the face and other parts of body like face, hands, eyes and hair, etc. The herbal beauty products are sold in the form of creams, face packs, lotions, moisturizers, shampoo, hair oils, face masks, conditioners, and lip products etc. These products act beautifully to enhance the natural smoothness and glow of the skin and makes a women beautiful or a man, handsome.

Although allopathic system is holding its roots very tight in the market of pharmaceutical products yet the system alone is not able to prove the sufficiency of the market, hence there is a need to maintain the demand and supply of the market.

The demand of the herbal products is increasing in the market due to the lack of the side effects of the ingredients used. The best thing about these herbal products is that they are made of natural plant parts or herbs. The physiological nature of the herbs is the most compatible thing with the human body. Hence the herbal products are very skin friendly and do not cause any unwanted harm to the body.

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