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Flixotide Discus - 100 mcg

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Customer Reviews

Review by Kelly
Great product. Helps me breathe better.
(Posted on April 01/2017)
Review by Sean
Love this product. Really cleared my sinuses and just gave a cooling feeling all down my bronchial passages. Gonna buy another to leave at work.
(Posted on March 28/2017)
Review by Henry
Don't like it, cheap packaging & does not seem to work
(Posted on March 27/2017)
Review by Annie
I love this product, I have been using it for about a month. It is working slowly but helping me. I don't sneeze as much.
(Posted on March 21/2017)
Review by Ricky
Really liking it, feel like I can breathe again after I use it.
(Posted on March 20/2017)
Review by Brenda
Has helped reduce issues with asthma. I did not have it during allergy season, so I'm not sure how it works for that.
(Posted on March 12/2017)
Review by Olga
Amazing product very useful many thanks .
(Posted on February 28/2017)
Review by Mustfa
This is for my daughter who has sever sinus issues!! I am praying this will help her!!
(Posted on February 21/2017)
Review by Tulip
This is much better and more convenient. So if you have asthma or are constantly dealing with head congestion, definitely give this a try.
(Posted on February 20/2017)

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