Dhathri Hair Care Cream


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SKU 1947
US Brand Name Dhathri Hair Care Cream
Strength 50gm
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Warriers Hospital & Panchakarma Centre

Dhathri Hair Care Cream

Dhathri Hair Care Cream is prepared making use of natural herbs. This cream is an Ayurvedic formulation that protects the hair and also improves its growth. Due to the presence of natural herbs in the offered cream, it promotes hair growth and hair restoration. Moreover, you can avail Dhathri Hair Care Cream from us in 50gm packing.


There is a long list of features of Dhathri Hair Care Cream. These are mentioned as follows:

  • It promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall
  • It protects hair strands and hair follicles
  • The offered hair care cream adds shines to the hair and also nourishes them from root to tip
  • It instantly stops itching & scaling
  • It is equally recommended for normal, oily, wet, as well as dry hair


Below are the ingredients which are used in manufacturing Dhathri Hair Care Cream:

  • Pipal liee
  • Indian Aloe
  • Almond oil
  • Indian Indigo
  • Snake gourd
  • Green island fig
  • Liailing eclipta
  • Holy Basil
  • Margosa oil
  • Indian gooseberry
  • Cluster Fig
  • Banyan liee
  • Indian Laburnum
  • Margosa liee

Directions for use:

Follow the instructions properly if you want to get desired results:

  • Take sufficient amount of Dhathri Hair Care Cream
  • Apply the cream from root to tip of the hair
  • Now, gently massage your scalp for 5 minutes and comb your hair


Without the recommendation of your doctor or physician do not use any product, as it can be sensitive or allergic to sensitive skin. If you are prescribed with the product, then avoid eye contact, usage on cut, wounds and injuries.

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