Dhathri Fairness Face Pack Sachet


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SKU 1946
US Brand Name Dhathri Fairness Face Pack Sachet
Strength 50gm
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Warriers Hospital & Panchakarma Centre

Dhathri Fairness Face Pack Sachet and Bottle

The Dhathri Fairness Face Packis the best home facial giving maximum benefitsto the skin.


  • The Dhathri Fairness Face Pack- 50gm sachet
  • The Dhathri Fairness Face Pack- 50gm bottle.

Key features

  • Home facial in only three minutes
  • Provides glow to the skin
  • Reduces acne and many skin diseases
  • Acts as an astringent
  • Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory
  • Relieves blemishes
  • Gives fairness to the complexion
  • While penetrating deep into the skin, it aims to remove black spots, pimples, blackness around the eye area and dark patches


  • Turmeric
  • Barley
  • Saffron
  • Yavam
  • Indian Berberry
  • Lotus
  • Cobra saffron
  • Shellac
  • Indian Madder
  • Beautyberry
  • Liquorice

Directions for use

  • The foremost step is to wash the face thoroughly.
  • Make a paste by mixing 5 grams of Dhathri Fairness Facepack with an  equal amount of water/ tomato juice/honey/curd/rose water or orange juice.
    • Ø For oily skin: Tomato juice/Orange juice
    • Ø For dry skin: Honey/Curd/Rose water
    • Ø For regular skin: Pure water
    • Apply it to the face and neck and try to avoid the area around the eyes.
    • Leave it for 3-4 minutes.
    • After three or four minutes, Massage gently in upward, outward and circular motion.
    • Wash the face pack thoroughly with cool water.






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