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Bimat 0.03% - 3 ml

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Customer Reviews

Review by Lisa
I saw little change at first except my lashes stopped falling out immediately. After my 8th week of use, I took a before and after photo and could clearly see length and more full, darker lashes in the second one. I've always had sparse lashes, but now with a tiny bit of mascara my lashes look like they have extensions. I won't stop using this product because I can't go back to the way my lashes were before using it and seeing real results. At 7 months I am doing maintenance and only applying 2-3 times per week before bed. Thank you!!!!
(Posted on May 09/2018)
Review by Lisa
Don't expect immediate results, or you'll set yourself up for failure. After a month of using this product nightly, I can tell it's working slowly because my lashes are getting darker and thicker. Length is slowly happening and I can't remember the last time I lost a lash. I can't wait to see what the next couple of months brings! Give it a try, just be patient and use as directed.
(Posted on October 16/2017)
Review by Danielle
Same product I used to pay a fortune for. Works great takes 6+ weeks to start seeing results. I used the name brand for a year and have been using this brand at ReliableRx for three years.. excellent!
(Posted on September 28/2017)
Review by Hannah
This product here is amazing I've literally noticed the difference in 3 days of using it I'm very satisfied with it
(Posted on June 08/2017)
Review by Patricia
I'm very satisfied with the Product. They delivered exactly as described .
(Posted on May 29/2017)
Review by Leena
It's very easy to apply, I put it on before bedtime. I've only used it three days so a bit early to tell....ill keep you posted.
(Posted on May 26/2017)
Review by Erica
Seems to be working. Will need more time to judge.
(Posted on May 21/2017)
Review by Meelah
My lashes seems to be slowly getting darker. Been only using it for a week.
(Posted on May 16/2017)
Review by Jecky
Didn't work for me. Have used it for 8 weeks now and no results.
(Posted on May 01/2017)
Review by Ivy
I didn't see any growth in my lashes after using it for a month.
(Posted on April 18/2017)

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