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Amlopres + Benace  - 2.5+10mg

Amlopres + Benace - 2.5+10mg

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Customer Reviews

Review by Kevin
Not too strong. Good quality, ordering again right now
(Posted on April 12/2017)
Review by Peter
It takes several hours before I notice improvement, but there are no side effects, as far as I can tell.
(Posted on April 07/2017)
Review by Baker
With the right diet, I would recommend.
(Posted on March 27/2017)
Review by George
This is a great product ,works great!
(Posted on February 20/2017)
Review by Mandy
Not sure how effective these are. I have only taken 1 on two separate occasions with no difference. Will post again if I see results.
(Posted on February 12/2017)
Review by Mortza
Just received and day one half hour after taking I went way more than usual! Will update again in couple wks so far so good no bad side affects!!!!
(Posted on February 01/2017)
Review by Kate
Works really well. Takes the swelling out of feet and ankles. No side effects.
(Posted on January 08/2017)

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