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Affiliate Program provides quality prescription drugs, generic drugs and formulations to patients. We offer high value drugs and OTC products without compromising on quality. The drugs we provide are quite affordable and conform to world-class standards of quality control and manufacturing.

What is an Affiliate program?

An affiliate program is actually a marketing program which lets you receive a commission for promoting the products of another company. Our affiliate program rewards you financially for directing customers to ReliableRxPharmacy. Basically, when a product is purchased by a customer you referred, we pay you a commission for the sale. Also, you will be able to earn more when you share more.

How can this affiliate program help you?

Our affiliate program is free and will allow you to earn sales commissions every time you refer your friends to our website. Here, we have highlighted some key benefits that our affiliate program will offer you:

  •  It’s Easy: Our affiliate program is easy and absolutely free. On signing up for this program, you only need to share your unique link through your website, email and other social media channels. After that, we will be taking care of the customer’s orders, product deliveries and any other enquiries.
  •  Earn money without any effort: You will be able to earn fast money generated from your affiliate links. This program will also help your friends earn money.

How does it work?

Below we have highlighted the steps that will help you become a part of the affiliate program of our online pharmacy.

1. You need to login to your panel and go to the affiliate program.

2. You can invite your friend to this program.

3. If your friend registers from the affiliate link and buys a product then, you will receive 20% commission of the grand total.

4. Suppose your friend invites one of his friends who registers to the affiliate link and buys a product. Then, you will get 15% commission while your friend will get 20% commission.

5. In case, there is a fourth person who joins at the end of the chain of the affiliate program and buys products. Then, you will get 3% commission while your friend will get 15% commission of the grand total. Also, the friend through whom this person has joined will receive 20% commission of the grand total.

6. Our affiliate program allows up to 3 level hierarchy.

Over the years, we have built our strong reputation for offering quality prescription medicines and OTC drugs to our customers worldwide. With this affiliate program, we invite you to become part of our ever increasing family of customers.

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