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US Brand Name Accu Chek Active
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Generic Name For the determination of blood Glucose

The Accu check active strips help determine the blood sugar level in the body. It is convenient to get fast, hassle-free, and accurate results in simple steps. The Accu chek active pack includes test strips; these are the diabetes strips that absorb blood easily and show reliable results within a few seconds. It is an accurate and convenient self-testing method that provides quick results. To measure the glucose concentration in the blood, you must prick your finger with the lancet device and put a drop of blood on the test strip. It helps you get quick and reliable results in the comfort of your place.  

What is the need for self-testing?

Self-testing glucose levels is a vital part of managing diabetes. Self-inspection of the sugar levels in the body enables the patient to analyse the effects of medication, diet and exercise on the blood glucose levels. Self-testing avoids the symptoms and future associated problems. It also gives a clear scenario of the time-to-time glycemic fluctuations in the body and helps maintain constant glucose levels. Self-inspecting blood glucose levels can easily diagnose hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic conditions.

Self-inspection helps your doctor to find the best suitable treatment for you. This can be achieved by using a blood glucose meter. Accu chek active is one of the most preferred blood glucose meters, which gives a clear picture of blood glucose levels in the body.


The Accu chek active diabetes strips make the blood monitoring process easy and convenient when used along with a blood glucose monitor. It is very simple to use:

   — Wash your hands preferably by Lukewarm water before using

   — Please read the instruction manual given along with it and turn on the meter

   — Prepare a lancing device and get a blood sample from the fingertip or forearm

   — Touch and hold the edge of the test strip to the blood sample and wait for the reading

   — Reading will appear on the screen of the glucose meter


The American Diabetes Association recommends regular examination of the blood sugar levels as a part of a self-care program. Sugar levels are monitored three or more times daily for a person taking insulin. The favourable time for the testing is mentioned below:

   — Before and after the physical activity or exercise

   — Before each meal

   — During bedtime snack

   — In some cases, it is also done in the middle of the night

   — 1 or 2 hours after a meal


The Accu chek diabetes strips help to determine blood sugar levels. It is useful for Type 1 and types II diabetes. These provide results in approximately five seconds. Damaged strips can give inaccurate results. So, make sure your strips are not damaged and are right for your meter.  

There is no side effect reported yet with this device.

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